Root Canals


Tooth pain may occur from poor bite, grinding/clenching, nerve problems, infection such as cavities, broken/chipped tooth structure, or trauma. Regardless of the cause, we offer emergency dental services to the Mclean and surrounding areas. If performed properly, root canals are 100% pain-free with minimal to no recovery time. The process is quick and easy, involves accessing the tooth and removing the infection, relieving you of pain. Furthermore, root canals are usually covered up to 80% by insurance, making your co-pay as little as $90.

If you experience any of these symptoms in your mouth, you may need a root canal:

1- Sharp, throbbing pain
2- Dull aching pain
3- Spontaneous, sporadic pain
4- Pain after eating/drinking something hot, cold, or sweet
5- Pain when biting

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