Periodontal Treatment


The status of your gums and bone around the teeth is important not only for your oral health, but also overall health. The presence of gum and bone disease (gingivitis and periodontists) can worsen conditions such as diabetes, as well as increase your risk of heart problems, stroke, and pregnancy complications. Our treatments such as local antibiotics, deep cleaning, laser therapy, and perio surgery will remove bacteria in pockets around your teeth, allowing your gums to regenerate and heal, which helps restore the function of your mouth. Factors such as plaque, genetics, diet, and habits can contribute to gum disease.

Furthermore, periodontal treatment is usually covered by insurance up to 80% due to its importance for preventing future health issues.

Signs of Gingivitis / Periodontitis:

1- Bad Breath/Odor
2- Foul Taste
3- Swollen, Red, Bleeding, and Receding Gums
4- Food Traps
5- Tooth Pain
6- Loose Teeth
7- Sensitivity

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